Machined Aluminum Hollow Shaft Aluminum Spline Shaft

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Splined Shaft


A splined shaft is a type of mechanical component that is used to transmit torque between two rotating objects, typically a motor or engine, and a driven component such as a gearbox or axle. The shaft is designed with a series of ridges or "splines" that fit into matching grooves on the driven component, providing a secure and precise connection that allows for efficient power transfer.

One of the key advantages of a splined shaft is its ability to transmit torque over long distances without the need for intermediate bearings or other support structures. This makes it ideal for use in applications where space is limited or where complex mechanical systems need to be assembled quickly and efficiently. For example, splined shafts are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors, where they are used to connect engine and transmission components, drive train components, and other critical systems.

Another advantage of splined shafts is their high degree of precision and reliability. Because the splines are designed to fit tightly into the matching grooves, there is minimal play or backlash in the connection. This results in a smooth and efficient transfer of power, with minimal wear and tear on the components.

Splined Shaft Specifications

Product Name  Machined Aluminum Hollow Shaft Aluminum Spline Shaft
Material  Brass,Stainless Steel/Steel,aluminum
Surface treatment polishing,Wire drawing,Anodizing or as request
Main equipment CNC turning and milling,CNC drilling machine

Internal and external grinding machine,CNC bending machine

Knurling abailable diamond,straight,unidirectional,both blind and through inserts
Type round knurled,hexagonal,square

Spline Shafts Advantages

High strength: Splined shafts are very strong and can withstand high loads. This is because the splines provide a large surface area for the shaft and coupling to mate, which distributes the load evenly.

Precise alignment: Splined shafts are very precise, which allows for accurate alignment of the mating components. This is important in applications where the shaft and coupling must be aligned very closely, such as in automobiles where the shaft transmits torque from the engine to the wheels.

Easy to manufacture: Splined shafts are relatively easy to manufacture, which makes them a cost-effective option. This is because the splines can be machined or stamped, which are both relatively inexpensive processes.

Long life: Splined shafts have a long life because the splines are self-lubricating. This means that the splines do not require any lubrication, which reduces maintenance costs.

Wide range of applications: Splined shafts can be used in a wide range of applications. This is because they are strong, precise, and easy to manufacture.

Uses Of Splined Shaft

Automotive: Splined shafts are commonly used in automobiles to transmit torque from the transmission to the drive wheels. They are also used in power steering systems, alternators, and other components.

Aerospace: Splined shafts are used in aircraft to transmit torque from the engine to the propeller or rotor. They are also used in landing gear and other components.

Heavy machinery: Splined shafts are used in heavy machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, to transmit torque from the engine to the working components.

Maintenance tips for splined shaft

Lubricate the splines regularly. This will help to prevent wear and tear, and keep the splines moving smoothly.

Inspect the splines for wear and damage. If the splines are worn or damaged, they should be replaced.

Keep the splines clean. Dirt and debris can build up on the splines and cause wear.

Avoid excessive loads. Splined shafts are designed to handle a certain amount of torque. Excessive loads can cause the splines to fail.

Store the splined shaft in a cool, dry place. This will help to prevent corrosion.

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